The venue

Europa Congress Palace


Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions Europa, will host the Third European Congress on Post Polio Syndrome. An ideal place for this event due to its strategic location in the most important artery of the city, the Avenida Gasteiz, which allows a perfect connection with the exterior but at the same time, is one step away from the main hotels in the city and its Center and Historical Center.

A totally remodeled building with an eco-architectural reform, an icon of sustainable architecture and dean of the Euskadi congress palaces. The vertical garden that covers its facade is a pioneer in reproducing native ecosystems. 1,492 m2 of vegetation, with more than 33,000 plants of different varieties, which improve insulation by 75%, with the consequent energy savings.

The profound renovation of its interior architecture, an example of Good Practices, is based on a careful and innovative reform of its facilities, an environmental commitment that goes beyond and a clear hallmark in congressional matters. Its more than 17 rooms and auditoriums offer a clear service to the promoter for any type of event.

These practices, and their commitment to the future, make it an ideal city for the celebration of any type of congress event, being nevertheless very well prepared for those of a sustainable nature that can be said to have a seat in a city and a living environment, a deep-rooted environmental culture.