Prof. Frans Nollet

Professor Frans Nollet studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and graduated as medical doctor in 1985. After finishing his specialization in Rehabilitation Medicine in 1994, he obtained his PhD in 2002 on his thesis entitled “Perceived Health and Physical Performance in Post-Polio Syndrome”.

Since 2003, Frans is professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Chair of the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam. He was educator for the training of PRM residents from 2003 until 2018. With the merger of both University Hospitals in Amsterdam, the AMC and VUmc, to Amsterdam UMCs, he became vice-chair of both departments per June 2019. Since 2015 he also is the scientific director of MOVE research institute Amsterdam, which was per 2017 succeeded by Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute, in which researchers on movement from the VU Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences, Amsterdam UMCs and ACTA (faculty of dentistry) participate.

His main research interest is in neuromuscular diseases, especially postā€polio syndrome. His research ranges from prognostic studies with long follow-up, to a broad range of therapeutical studies, including pharmacological and rehabilitation interventions, such as physical training, psychological interventions and orthoses.

He published more than 150 indexed peer reviewed papers of which one third on post-polio syndrome. He published a book on lower extremity orthotic devices in 2014 following a national guideline project he chaired, and wrote several book chapters.

For his research achievements he was appointed as AMC Principal Investigator in 2006. For his polio research he received the Danish PTU Research Award in 2011. In 2016 he received the VRA-Ipsen Innovation Award for patient care.

He was chair of the scientific committee of the first European Polio Conference in Copenhagen 2011, and chair of the organizing committee and co-chair scientific committee of the second European Polio Conference in Amsterdam 2014.