Social Program

We will visit the St. Mary’s Cathedral for a unique experience allowing us to get to know a building with more than 800 years of history revealing the story and origins of the village of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

We will enjoy the Old Town from the Medieval. Vitoria-Gasteiz is an almost thousand-year-old city that retains much of its medieval layout intact. Its streets date back to the 12th century with a well structure of their design of an almond-shaped configuration, is especially striking. The old town is perched on a hill, where the initial city “New Victory” was located. We’ll take a tour of its story. We will walk through the wall, palaces, towers, religious buildings and much more preserving most of his Medieval construction.

Rioja Alavesa has become a must for enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals and all the public who want to live an exciting experience around wine, gastronomy and an exceptional landscape. Rioja Alavesa has become a world-renowned wine tourism destination, supported by Alaves and Basque institutions. A route that in addition to wineries offers many other attractions with which the region surprises the visitor, such as landscapes of endless vineyards dotted by medieval villages, festivals that reflect the lifestyle of a village, tailor-made trips and attractions accommodation, such as inns, hotels or country houses. All of them full of charm. We will visit a representative winery of the region where we can taste its famous wines.

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